Remember presentations.

Without the aid of notes!

Would you like to enter a meeting before giving an important presentation with the confidence that you can deliver it without the aid of any notes?

Of course you would, it adds credibility and gives people confidence that you know what you are talking about. The Memory Palace allows you to do this. Let me explain.

When giving a presentation you should know what you want to speak about, you just need to ensure you don’t forget any of the major points and that you deliver them in the correct sequence, no one should memorize a presentation verbatim, it comes across as exactly that…..scripted and stiff.

So what you need to do is write down your presentation, you would ordinarily do this anyway. Next, take note of all the important bullet points and visualize a picture, an image, which reminds you of each bullet point. So let’s say you wanted to talk about the upcoming conference in Vegas, Time Management, Strategy and Profits. You could visualize a Slot Machine, (Vegas) a Clock, Watch or Big Ben, (Time Management), a Chess Piece, (Strategy) and Bags of Money (Profits) and so on, you get the picture, pun intended.

Next we come up with 4 rooms in your home. Pick the most logical sequence, say, living room, kitchen, family room, washroom; whichever route makes the most sense. Now in each of these rooms you place the image representing the bullet points. So if the first point you wanted to bring up is the upcoming trip to Vegas and the first logical room is the living room, imagine a huge slot machine spilling out thousands of quarters onto the living room floor. If the kitchen is next and we want to remember time management, see Big Ben in the middle of your kitchen chiming midnight, next a gigantic chess piece on top of the TV in the family room and finally thousands of dollar bills flying out of the toilet in the washroom. Once this is done, you simply take a mental walk around your home to recall each of the major bullet points.

Better still, is to have four or five pieces of furniture in each room, and attach the images to these. This way in just four rooms you could have twenty points of a presentation, or pieces of information, whether product knowledge, features and benefits of a product(s), or items on a to-do, or shopping list. You could even remember the first twenty presidents or Prime Ministers, simply by attaching images to twenty pieces of furniture or appliances. It’s easy to come up with an image to remind you of a name, Washington – Washing Machine, McDonald – Clown, etc.

The applications of the Memory Palace are many. I would recommend that you have at least a twenty-item memory palace attached to your home that you can always call upon. You will be amazed at how many times you will use it.

An App to Remember….literally.
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