Fun keynote turns into a memory challenge

After my keynote a sceptic remembers 30 digits!

After a recent fun keynote, a gentleman came up to me and said he didn’t believe my memory was no different from his.  He said that I must have been born with this ability to recite the capital cities, square mileage and populations of every country on earth.  He said he didn’t believe that in my workshops, I show individuals how to recall product numbers and prices by having them recite a randomly generated 30 digit number…..there was absolutely no way he would ever be able to do that.

Seeing as this was one of those rare occasions when I couldn’t fly out after my keynote, I made him an offer. I said if he was willing to give me an hour, and I get him to memorize a 30-digit number, would he be willing to shed this limiting mindset?  He agreed.

Later that evening we found a quiet corner of the hotel, and I shared with him the incredible power of a 300 year old system on recalling numbers, and of course he was able to not only recite 30-digits forwards, but also backwards.  He apologized and bought my book.  He now wanted to apply the system to recall the winners of every World Series, a boyhood dream of his.

The reason for this post, is that for more than 30 years it has been a continual headache for me convincing the sceptics in my keynote audience about this incredible ‘memory’ potential.  By far my biggest challenge is not teaching these systems, they are easy, it’s getting people to shed this, ‘I can’t’ mindset.

We all have limiting mindsets in one form or another, some are helpful and some are extremely limiting. Tell yourself you can’t do something, whether it’s hitting a golf ball across water, scoring a soccer penalty shot or having an ability to remember 30 digits….and your mind will find a whole host of reasons to support that perception, ‘I always top it into the pond’, ‘I missed a penalty a month ago’, ‘He can remember 30 digits because he has an innate ability I don’t possess’. It’s a perception, it’s not reality, and it can limit your ability and affect your life both socially and professionally.

Get in the habit of adopting a powerful, not a limiting mindset and great things will happen.

By the way, if you happen to be in the audience of one of my keynote presentations, and you are a sceptic, come see me, and if I’m not flying out, I’ll change your mindset….at least with respect to your memory!

Funny, unique and interactive in his entertaining conference keynotes and workshops, Bob Gray reveals the untapped potential in each of us. His empowering systems and their many applications in the business world give participants immediate ‘walk away’ value. Book Bob Gray today as your next conference keynote speaker.  Watch Bob in action.







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