An App to Remember!

NinjaA Memory App to help with “Sorry I forgot your name!”

Statistically only 20% of you have actually read further than the top line, which is a shame because the other 80% will miss out on my memory app, an app to remember…literally. An app designed to help you remember your clients and customers names and important information about them, an app to improve relationships and confidence when entering a company, business or social event.

I truly haven’t developed this memory app with a view to making money, believe me, after Apple take their % and the developer his…. I need to sell an ‘awful’ lot of units just to break even. This is why I feel totally comfortable promoting it. It is directed to the audiences that have seen me speak on the importance of remembering clients and customers names, and who wish to take it to the next level….plain and simple. So with that out of the way…..

This memory app has taken me almost two years to develop, and I couldn’t be prouder. With ‘Memory Edge’, I have integrated what I have been teaching for over 30 years, into an app you can access before you enter a meeting, company, business or social event.

You simply type in the name of someone you’ve just met or need to recall, the memory app automatically searches the web for that person’s photo, and places it into folders, like social, business, company, church, soccer parents…..whichever group of individuals whose names you wish to recall. Then a note section allows you to input their personal information like spouses or children’s names, their interests hobbies etc.

You can filter groups of specific individuals to review their names and information about them before entering their company or say, an important meeting. No more embarrassing, “Sorry, I forgot your name!” You can even play a Name Game to test yourself on how many individuals you can recall.

The app then sets itself up to remind you at ‘very specific’ times in order to place that person, and their information, into your long term memory.

I honestly use this memory app every day, I know that everyone, especially sales professionals, who know the importance of recalling peoples names, can use this app to retain and strengthen relationships, which ultimately could affect their bottom line.

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