How to Turn Your Next Major Presentation Into a Walk in the Park

Executives and professionals in nearly every industry are called upon to make presentations at some point in time. There are also numerous other occasions to make public presentations, whether it’s at a school board meeting, in your church, or some other setting.

Unfortunately, many people don’t feel confident in their public speaking skills. What’s worse, they have trouble remembering the key ideas they want to convey, which only makes their anxiety worse.

Luckily, there is a very simple and easy-to-use way to remember what you need to say during a presentation, and I’m going to share it with you today. Here is how it works:

First, outline the major steps or points you want to make. Be thorough in this process, ensuring that you have made a note of everything that has to be covered in your talk or presentation.

Then, represent these key points with a visual image. If the start of your presentation is about “fundraising,” for example, visualize a gigantic collection box or plate. If the next point is about “strategy,” visualize a chess piece, and so on.

Next, start to associate or link these images with items of furniture in a particular room in your home. This can be a piano, fireplace, table, lamp, or any other item along a route that you walk frequently. By doing this, you are giving visual “shape” to each of the ideas. It sounds like a simple technique, but it’s surprisingly effective.

So, if the first piece of furniture in your living room is a couch, visualize a huge collection box sitting on your couch. If the second piece of furniture is a piano, see a large chess piece playing the piano. Remember, it’s the ridiculous images that are memorable!

Then, practice your “mental walk” a number of times. As you do, make sure you recall the items of furniture or items along the route in the same identical sequencereinforcing each point or detail with the piece of furniture or landmark. In a short amount of time, they’ll become intertwined in your mind.

Finally, when it’s time for your presentation, simply take the identical “mental walk” through the room or route and recite them back with ease.You’ll be amazed at how well and easily you remember the key points. Best of all, it’s asystem you can use again and again, so it will still be there for you the next time you need to speak in public, too! In fact, if you have many speeches to deliver in a short period, you can simply choose another room or route.

To make your memory more powerful, stop by my blog again in the near future. Or, if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining presentation for your group, contact my office to check available dates today.

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