Your Brain Lies To You

Your brain doesn’t always tell you the truth, it often lies to you. Answer this problem quickly. A coffee and a cookie together cost $1.10. The coffee cost $1 more than the cookie. How much does the coffee cost? Most people say $1, which is wrong. The coffee costs $1.05 and the cookie 5¢. [...]
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Memorize the US Presidents

Lincoln to Garfield How to memorize the US Presidents. In my previous posts I had you memorize the 1st fifteen presidents by linking them together in groups of five to three separate rooms in your home, with the first president, Washington, associated to your 1st location in your home, I used [...]
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Remember the US Presidents

Quincy Adams to Harrison Remember the US Presidents. I mentioned in my previous post how as a keynote presenter I often have the audience remember the US Presidents as a creative exercise for forming images. I thought I would extend it beyond the first 10 and write a series of posts to show how [...]
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Left Brain Right Brain

Left Brain Right Brain thinking. As a motivational keynote speaker I am always looking for interesting exercises to share with the audience. Here’s one for you to try: Which of the following numbers is least like the others? 1    Thirty-one 2    One-third 3    Thirteen Take your time. You [...]
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