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When common memory lapses occur, it not only leads to frustration, embarrassment and lost credibility… it carries a negative image. Conversely, an excellent memory conveys the image of success and of someone who is in control.

Discover how a memory expert can dramatically improve you sales, productivity and relationships

Imagine the impression you’ll make when you are able to immediately recall the names of clients, their interests and hobbies; quote prices and product numbers; keep business appointments and deliver presentations, all without ever having to refer to notes or other sources. A trained memory is a business asset attainable by everyone. Bob Gray can make this happen for you at your next convention or meeting. A strong believer that having fun creates the best learning environment, Bob’s gregarious style make the teaching process seem like recreation.


Powerful Keynotes:

Kick Start Your Whole Brain Potential
Guinness Record Secrets That Create New Memory Pathways to Outstanding Data Retention & Maximized Productivity

60-75 min Interactive Keynote

  • Outperform your competition by applying embarrassingly simple memory techniques
  • Kick old time-consuming methods to the curb and discover breakthrough rapid recall
  • Optimize left and right brain synergy through creative visualization
  • Confidently deliver speeches and presentations without the aid of notes

Never forget a client’s name
Access Gray’s F.A.C.E Method to Instantly Improve Relationships, Instill Trust, and Increase Retention

90 min Interactive Keynote

  • Discover the NON-SALESY technique to fostering genuine client relationships
  • Make prospects become insanely attracted to you and elevate your profits
  • Improve memory optimization with innovative linking systems
  • Increase confidence and reduce stress in networking situations

Become a Memory Titan!
Advanced Techniques to Easily Access Untapped Brain Potential, Increase Revenues, and Speed Past Your Competition

Half or Full Day Interactive Workshop

  • Become immediately perceived as a credible EXPERT in your field
  • Bypass the ramp-up years and quickly transition from rookie to award-winning executive
  • Cut the learning curve in half for remembering names, numbers, and new information
  • Maximize productive employee training by saving time and money on wasted retention methods

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Motivational Keynote Speaker

Discover how a Memory Expert can dramatically improve your sales, productivity and relationships.

Concurrent Speaker

A fun, interactive & different concurrent or spousal session. Often booked as a follow on from his Keynote.

Workshop Presenter

Interactive workshops packed with audience engagement and results-driven strategies.

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  • Kick Start Your Whole Brain Potential
  • Never Forget a Client's Name
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