So where did I put my car keys?

And other aggravating memory lapses.


Where did I put my keys?

Did I turn off the coffeepot?

Did I unplug the iron?

Where did I put my glasses?

Did I lock the back door?

I must remember to put that file in my briefcase?

Did I turn off the computer?

And on and on. We can only imagine the amount of time wasted every day throughout the world spent looking for keys, glasses, briefcases and time spent driving back home or to the office to check that the coffee pot or computer has been turned off or the iron unplugged or the front/back door has been locked.

To overcome these aggravating time wasters you have to get in the habit of paying attention to the action of turning off the appliance or locking the door or putting down your glasses. Once you are aware that you are doing it, it only takes a few seconds to form a crazy association of that action which can save you a great deal of time and aggravation.

For instance, as you turn off the coffee pot, imagine picking up the coffee pot and tipping out the remaining coffee over the kitchen counter, or picking up the pot and smashing it on the counter. That is all you will need. As you are driving to work and wonder if you turned it off, you immediately visualize the coffeepot and instantly conjure up the image you created. If no image comes to mind, obviously you left it on and need to go back.

Each and every time you place your glasses down; conjure up an image between your glasses and where you are placing them. You place them on the microwave after reading the defrost time of a lasagna, see yourself opening the microwave and imagine hundreds of pairs of glasses flying out. Or imagine opening the microwave and a large pair of glasses have melted, same with car keys or any other item.

Each time you lock a door, imagine sticking your finger in the keyhole to lock it, or your eyeball, or your foot.

When you place the important file in your briefcase, imagine opening your briefcase and a gale force wind blows out scattering the file across the office.

As you are completing the action, say aloud, “I am locking the door,” “I am unplugging the iron,” you might want to try this one if you live alone or once the family has already left for the day!

Have you ever had a great idea strike you in the middle of the night and you tell yourself, “I must remember that in the morning” only to have it disappear once you wake up? Well the next time this happens, take something from your bedside table and place it on the floor beside your bed. When you wake in the morning, the item on the floor will remind you of the thought.

So remember, get into the habit of becoming aware of these actions, and simply form a silly association.

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Bob Gray CSP HoF

Keynote Speaker

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