Memory Music and Smell

How to store your vacation memories.

A friend of mine will soon be taking a ‘once in a lifetime’ month’s vacation to Tuscany, she has never been to Europe and is excited, as you can imagine.  Last week over lunch, she reminded me of her poor memory, saying how concerned she is about getting older, and how she seems to be forgetting things, she joked that she’d hate to forget the ‘experience’ of her upcoming trip.

“If only there were a way of storing the experience without having to permanently have a phone or camera in my hand”, she said. I told her there is!  It is something I have been doing for years, but just for those special trips.

I told her to go sample, and buy a brand new perfume, one she obviously likes, but has never used before, then use it on her trip, and only that trip.  I told her to do the same with music, research some of her favourite artists, see which ones have a new album out and download it, again, listen to that CD on the trip.  Then, once she is back, whenever she smells that fragrance, whether by accident or on purpose, or she hears a track from that CD, she will be instantly transported back to Italy and all those wonderful memories.

It works.  How many times have you smelled something or heard a piece of music and reminded of a particular person, place or time?  I just consciously take advantage of this natural memory link.

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