Memorize US Presidents

Arthur to McKinley

In my previous posts I had you memorize the 1st 20 US presidents by linking them together in groups of five to four separate rooms in your home, with the first president, Washington, associated to your 1st location in your home, I used my downstairs hallway and placed a huge Washing Machine there. If you don’t recall them, please go back and review these 20 images. Here is a link to that first post with the other three directly after it.

So to continue memorizing our next five presidents, Arthur to McKinley, we will again link together a crazy sequence with the first, Arthur, to your next (5th) location or Loci. In my home it would be the Laundry Room. This is where we open our fifth folder containing the next five presidents.

Here are the images I would personally use to represent these names. These are by no means the strongest; they are just the ones that would work for me. Your own images will always be stronger, but feel free to use any or all of these if you wish.

Arthur = Dudley Moore drunk and laughing from the movie Arthur, you younger folks may choose Russell Brand, I prefer the original,or a sword, King Arthur.

Cleveland = A meat Cleaver

Harrison = Hairy Son

Cleveland (again) = A meat Cleaver

McKinley = Mountain (Mt McKinley)

So off we go again. The image that reminds me of the laundry room is the washing machine with the dryer stacked on top, this is my starting point. Obviously you need to pick a piece of furniture or appliance that reminds you of your fifth location or room in your house. So I have these two appliances with which I need to associate Dudley Moore. Easy, how about opening up the dryer door and Dudley jumps out laughing hysterically with his top hat askew.

Next: Dudley to a meat Cleaver (Cleveland)

Imagine this: Dudley jumps out of the dryer but instead of a bottle of Dom Pérignon in his hand he is wielding a huge meat cleaver, it’s massive.

Next: Cleveland, to a Hairy Son (Harrison).

Imagine this: Dudley runs out of the laundry room and starts chasing a Hairy Son, simple and will work. If you actually have a son it will be stronger, if he happens to be hairy….then even better!

Next: Hairy Son back to Cleaver (Cleveland)

Imagine this: The Hairy Son, puts on the brakes, turns and wielding an even bigger Cleaver than Dudley is holding, starts to chase Dudley.

Next: Cleaver to Mountain (McKinley)

Imagine this: See Dudley frantically climbing a mountain desperately trying to get away from the hairy son.

So, to review. Who jumps out of my dryer?

Dudley Moore = Arthur

What is he wielding?

Meat Cleaver = Cleveland

Who does he chase?

A Hairy Son = Harrison

What does the Hairy Son do?

Skids to a halt and turns around holding an even larger Cleaver = Cleveland

Where does the Hairy Son chase Dudley?

Up a Mountain = McKinley

Just as with the first 20 presidents, you need to review these images within the hour then again tomorrow, then review them each time I post another five. By the end you will know all 44 in sequence, a great exercise to show how images need to be formed to take advantage of memory systems. Remember to share with your children.

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