Memorize the US Presidents

Polk to Buchanan

Memorize the US Presidents. In my previous two posts I had you memorize the 1st ten presidents by linking them together in groups of five to two separate rooms in your home, with the first president, Washington, associated to your 1st location in your home, as an example I used my downstairs hallway and placed a huge Washing Machine there. If you don’t recall them, please go back and review these ten images.

So to continue memorizing our next five presidents, Polk to Buchanan, we will again link together a crazy sequence of images with the first representing Polk, being associated to your next (3rd) location or Loci. In my home it would be the Kitchen. This is where we open our third folder containing the next five presidents.

We now need to place an image, which reminds us of Polk, and associate it to my kitchen (in my instance) or to whatever room you are using for your third location.

For Polk I immediately think of Poker and imagine the World Series of Poker taking place smack bang in the middle of my kitchen. I hear the stacking of poker chips running through the fingers of the payers, the shuffling of cards and the banter going on between the players.

Next: Poker to Taylor (Zachary Taylor)

Now we link the Poker game to the image representing the 12th president, Taylor. This is a no brainer.

Imagine this: The poker game gets a little animated a fight breaks out and in the scuffle for chips, the felt on the table is ripped and they summon a Taylor to come in and stitch it up. See a Taylor lying across the table with needle and thread stitching up the gigantic tear on the table felt.

Next: Taylor, to an image that reminds you of Fillmore. For me I instantly think of the historic San Francisco music venue. There is a TV show named Fillmore, perhaps use a character from that program. If these don’t work for you but you are familiar with the name Fillmore, then you can shorten it to File, and visualize a huge nail File; this will work as long as you are already familiar with the name Fillmore.

Imagine this: If you use a nail File, see the Taylor stand up on the table after completing his needlework and begin filing his nails with a gigantic nail file. He’s proud of his work, after filing his nails he breathes on them and buffs them on his shirt.

Next: The Taylor buffing his nails to Peas (Pierce)

Imagine this: While he is buffing his nails standing on top of the poker table, all the poker players go to the refrigerator and each take out a packet of frozen peas, they open the bags and begin to throw frozen peas at him, shouting at him to get off the table so they can finish their poker game.

Next: Peas to Blue Canon (Buchanan)

Imagine this: The Taylor who is getting pelted by the peas begins to collect them up, jumps off the table and stuffs them down the barrel of a huge Blue Cannon sitting next to the Poker table. He lights the fuse and blasts the kitchen with thousands of frozen peas. Crazy enough for ya?

So, to review. What is sitting in the middle of the kitchen (or your third location)? The Poker table, which gives us our 11th president, Polk. What happens next? They rip the felt and in comes the Taylor to repair the table, Taylor. Then what does he do? He stands on top of the table and admires his work and buffs his nails with a gigantic File, Fillmore. Next? The poker player’s throw Peas at him, which gives us Pierce and finally, he collects the Peas and shoves them down the barrel of a Blue Cannon and blasts the kitchen with frozen peas, Buchanan.

Just as with the first ten presidents, you need to review these images within the hour then again tomorrow, then review them each time I post another five. By the end you will know all 44 in sequence, a great exercise to show how images need to be formed to take advantage of memory systems. Remember to share with your children.

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