Left Brain Right Brain

Left Brain Right Brain thinking. As a motivational keynote speaker I am always looking for interesting exercises to share with the audience. Here’s one for you to try:

Which of the following numbers is least like the others?

1    Thirty-one

2    One-third

3    Thirteen

Take your time.

You have a decision?

Many people choose, Thirty-One and Thirteen, most people choose One-third, I guess perhaps because it’s a fraction.

You can come up with many creative reasons for choosing all three….BUT…..

Did you consider 2? After all it’s the only number that doesn’t contain a one or a three!

Many of us place an imaginary box around the three numbers restricting ourselves from looking elsewhere. If you tear down the box and encompass the whole question, it opens up three additional options.

As a motivational keynote speaker I emphasize the importance of engaging both left and right hemispheres of the brain. Don’t restrict yourself to left-brain only thinking. At least be aware of the self-imposed boundaries and take a peek outside, you just might find some creative answers.

Funny, unique and interactive in his entertaining conference keynotes and workshopsBob Gray reveals the untapped potential in each of us. His empowering systems and their many applications in the business world give participants immediate ‘walk away’ value. Book Bob Gray today as your next conference keynote speaker.


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