Kansas to Maryland Memorizing US State Capitals

Here is the fourth post on memorizing the US state capitals. The first fifteen capitals, Alabama to Iowa, you can find under my May posts. Again, please take a moment to read the April post regarding how our memory tends to cling to the absurd and make sure you are reviewing the crazy images for the first fifteen capitals.

OK, let’s memorize the next five capital cities for Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine and Maryland.

The capital of Kansas is Topeka. If you have been following along with my previous posts you are probably starting to conjure up images without much prompting. For Kansas we obviously see a gigantic Can, whatever image first comes to mind, use that one. I see a huge opened can of beans. Topeka, guess what’s peeking out from the can of beans……sure, a giant Toe, Toe Peeking, Topeka.

Remember, you cannot just read what I am writing; you MUST conjure up these crazy images in your mind, close your eyes for a few seconds and try to see the ridiculous picture in as much detail as you possibly can. Perhaps see yourself holding the can, is it cold? Can you feel the aluminium; perhaps the toe has a hangnail, I know, disgusting….but memorable? OK next.

Kentucky’s capital is Frankfort, this has to be a box or tub of the Colonel’s Kentucky Fried Chicken. See yourself opening a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken but instead of finding wings and legs, out springs hundreds of German Frankfurters. Or perhaps see yourself being blocked from entering your local KFC by a gigantic Frankfurter, imagine that the Frankfurter actually has arms and legs and is fighting with you. Feel the Frankfurter, imagine its smell.

Louisiana’s capital is Baton Rouge, or Red Stick. If you are lucky enough to know someone named Lou, Louise or Anna see them running rampage with a huge Baseball Bat (ton) or Red Stick, their face is Red with rage, hear them puffing. If you don’t know anyone with these names then an image of a Lasso will most likely be all you need for Louisiana. Baton Rouge could be converted to Button Rouge, see a Button with a four Rouge Lipsticks inserted through each of its holes. So a lasso roping a huge button with the red lipsticks would work.

Maine’s capital is Augusta. If you are a golf fan then Augusta would immediately conjure up the Masters golf course. How about a horse with a huge Mane (literally touching the ground) running down the first fairway of Augusta chasing Tiger Woods. Hear the hoofs as they gallop and tear up the beautifully manicured fairway. Or you could change Maine to Moon and see A Gust of wind tearing across the Moon’s surface.

And finally.

Maryland’s capital is Annapolis. Again if you know someone named Mary, this would be a big help. You could see her taking A Nap with a Police man. Or you can pick a famous Mary to sleep with the cop, Mary Poppins, now there’s an image, Mary Tyler Moore, Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island, Mary Queen of Scots, any of these will work as long as you can see that image.

So to review:

The Toe peeking from the Can of beans

Fighting with the giant Frankfurter in front of KFC

Lassoing the Button with four Red Lipsticks inserted through its holes
Louisiana/Baton Rouge

The horse with a huge mane running down the fairway of Augusta, or the gust of wind on the moon

Mary Poppins taking a nap with a policeman

Again, make sure you review these images within 60-75 minutes from now, it takes less than 60 seconds but is critical for long term storage, then again within 24 hr’s, then 1 week later and then 1 month later.

I will continue to post state capitals and their crazy images in groups of five. Before we know it you will have all 50 memorized and a great handle on how to visualize the ridiculous and absurd. This is essential for us to apply memory systems to more practical business applications like recalling Names and Faces, speeches and presentations, model numbers, prices, to-do lists etc.

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