How to improve your study habits

Want to improve your study habits?

Sleeping on it might just be the best advice when it comes to studying. Over the years there have been various studies indicating that if you retire to bed directly after studying, your recall of the material is enhanced by up to 6.5%. (Johnson and Swan). That could be the difference between a B and an A, or becoming certified or not.

A few minutes after a memory trace is formed it is susceptible to interference. If left uninterrupted it has a better chance of consolidating, if it is bombarded with further activity, it hinders this consolidation, that is why sleeping after learning is recommended, a quick review of the material in the morning is also recommended.

If you cannot go to bed after studying, try to avoid any more mental activity, especially of a similar kind, this causes the greatest lost of retention. So if as a student you are studying math, don’t follow it with another branch of mathematics, study a totally different topic. If you are studying philosophy, follow it with mathematics or computer science, don’t follow it with psychology.

I can’t think of a finishing line here…….guess I’ll just….

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