Hearing tip when on the phone at a loud cocktail party

Hearing tip

Have you ever been at a party and you receive a phone call and you can’t hear too well, so you try to improve things by placing your finger in your other ear? It doesn’t work does it?

The answer?

Cover the mouthpiece with your hand!

You will still hear everyone else just as loudly, but the caller will be much clearer, try it next time…it works!

Just as an FYI, the reason this works is based on what is know as ‘The Cocktail Party Effect’. Our brain has an incredible ability to audibly focus in on an individual talker amongst a whole background of noise; it’s able to separate individual noise sources really well.

The problem when using a phone in these situations is that the phone feeds the sounds from the room plus the callers voice signal through its circuitry, essentially the room noise and the callers voice are all mixed together as one source, and your brain can no longer separate them as well……the cocktail party effect is negated,

By shielding the mouthpiece, you are essentially shielding the phones circuitry from picking up the room noise allowing the brain to recreate the cocktail effect.

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