Hawaii to Iowa continuing to memorize the US State Capitals

Memorize the US State Capitals. A great introduction to memory systems.

Here is the third post on memorizing the US state capitals. The first ten capitals, Alabama to Georgia, you can find under my May 5th & 16th posts. Again, please take a moment to read the April post regarding how our memory tends to cling to the absurd and make sure you are reviewing the crazy images for the first ten capitals.

OK, let’s memorize the next five capital cities for Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

Hawaii’s capital is Honolulu. What do you see for Hawaii? I immediately see a Hula Dancer. Being a Brit, for Honolulu I change it to ‘On a Loo’, Loo being British slang for a washroom. So I see a Hula Dancer dancing on top of a toilet, funny and ridiculous. You could use Honour Lulu; you may know someone named Lulu. I remember a British singer from my youth called Lulu who sang the song in the great film To Sir With Love which starred Sidney Poitier. OK next.

Idaho’s capital is Boise. Idaho has to be an image of a potato. I see a huge potato, the size of a truck lying on top of a group of Boys sleeping. I see giant Z’s floating from each of the boy’s heads, Boys Z.

Illinois’s capital is Springfield. You could see Abraham Lincoln singing with Rick Springfield, if you are my age and remember who he is, Rick Springfield that is, not Abe! Or you could imagine a huge slippery Eel, which is close enough to Illinois, slithering itself through a gigantic bed Spring in the middle of a farmer’s field.

Indiana’s capital is Indianapolis. You could see just one image of an Indian (for Indiana) with a policeman’s hat on, (for Indiana polis). Or sitting on top of a Policeman’s car. Maybe an Indian taking a Nap.

Iowa’s capital is Des Moines. How about a gigantic Eye blocking the entrance to a Mine? I know someone named Des, so I picture him standing guard. Or perhaps you could use a large ear of corn to represent Iowa and see it blocking the mine. Because you are already familiar with the name Des Moines, you do not need to have an image for the whole thing, you just need a clue, and the image of a mine will be enough to give you Des Moines. If you feel you need a clue then see large letter D’s painted on the corn or side of the mine.

So to review:

The Hula Dancer standing on top of the Loo

A gigantic Potato on top of a group of Boys catching some Z’s

Abe and Rick Springfield or the huge Eel slithering itself through the large bed Spring in the middle of a field

An Indian wearing a huge Policeman’s hat

A gigantic Eye/Corn blocking the entrance to a Mine, (guarded by Des O’Connor, if you’re British and over 40!).
Idaho/Des Moines

Again, make sure you review these images within 60-75 minutes from now, it takes less than 60 seconds but is critical for long term storage, then again within 24 hr’s, then 1 week later and then 1 month later.

I will continue to post state capitals and their crazy images in groups of five. Before we know it you will have all 50 memorized and a great handle on how to visualize the ridiculous and absurd. This is essential for us to apply memory systems to more practical business applications like recalling Names and Faces, speeches and presentations, model numbers, prices, to-do lists etc.

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