Ever had the odd Senior Moment?

Forget about it!


For those of us in our 50’s or older, here’s a question. When you were in high school or university and you forgot something, did you ever say, ‘Oh dear, another university senior moment’? Of course you didn’t, you probably just brushed it off without as much as a second thought.

It seems once we turn 50 that every little slip of our memory suggests we are heading down a dementia tunnel. A memory study was conducted amongst a group of seniors, one group was told that our memory declines as we age, the other group was told the opposite, that it doesn’t change much at all. They were given a memory test, sure enough, the group that was told our memory declines, did much worse than the positive group. In fact the positive group didn’t do much worse than a controlled group of college students.

So it turns out that ‘worrying’ about our memory, or those ‘senior moments’ is one of the worse things you can do for your memory. So the next time you stand in front of the open fridge door wondering why you’re standing there, forget where you put your glasses or why you walked from one room to another…..forget about it……literally.

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