Eating a hairy burger with a pencil! Oklahoma to S. Carolina

If you happened to click on this article and are interested in memorizing the previous thirty five capitals you will find them archived on this web page.

So here is my eighth post on memorizing the US state capitals. Again, please take a moment to read the April post regarding how our memory tends to cling to the absurd and make sure you are reviewing these crazy images at the critical times in order to store them onto your long term memory. (See below)

OK, let’s memorize the next five capital cities for Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

The capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City. For Oklahoma is see an Oak tree. I always picture the one in the backyard which played a huge part in my childhood where I grew up in England. If you cannot picture a particular Oak tree then any tree will do. In this tree I imagine hundreds of model skyscrapers (City) hanging from the leaves like Christmas tree ornaments.

Oregon’s capital is Salem. I change Oregon to Oar Gun and picture two gigantic guns being used as oars in a sailing boat. I can’t help but instantly think of the Salem Witch Trials whenever I hear the name Salem. So I imagine a couple of witches rowing this boat, see real ugly caricature cliché images of witches, perhaps like the witch from The Wizard of Oz.

Pennsylvania’s capital is Harrisburg. This is an easy one, how about a huge Pencil stuck in a Hairy BURGer……imagine taking a bite, disgusting I know……but memorable!

Rhode Island’s capital is Providence. I picture a lonely Road winding its way across an Island, I then imagine a Professor Dancing along this road, Prof Dance/Providence.

And finally the capital of South Carolina is Columbia. I see Carol Singers again, just as I did for North Carolina, only this time they are dressed in swim suits which represents warmer weather in the South. Personally I see old 78 and 45 rpm records stuffed into their swim suits. Whenever I hear the name Columbia I am immediately transported back in time to my living room in England. I see my dad playing his old 78’s with the Blue Columbia labels, I also see my old Columbia 45’s with their black and white labels. If you are young enough to have only ever downloaded music and have absolutely no idea what I am talking about regarding 78’s and 45’s, then you can picture the Carol singers in their swim suits, and they are stacking a Column of Beer/Columbia in front of the door where they are singing.

So to review:

An Oak tree with Skyscrapers as Christmas ornaments
Oklahoma/Oklahoma City

Two Witches rowing a boat using guns

Eating a Hairy Burger with a Pencil stuck through it

A Professor dancing along a lonely Road
Rhode Island/Providence

Carol singers dressed in swim suits with records stuffed in their suits
South Carolina/Columbia

Here is my standard wrap up.
Again, make sure you review these images within 60-75 minutes from now, it takes less than 60 seconds but is critical for long term storage, then again within 24 hr’s, then 1 week later and then 1 month later.

I will continue to post state capitals and their crazy images in groups of five. I have just ten more to go then you will have all 50 memorized and a great handle on how to visualize the ridiculous and absurd. This is essential for us to apply memory systems to more practical business applications like recalling Names and Faces, speeches and presentations, model numbers, prices, to-do lists etc.

Please share if you found this informative, thanks.


Bob Gray CSP HoF

Motivational Speaker

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