Dakota Fanning sailing the Bismarck. New Mexico to Ohio

Here is the seventh post on memorizing the US state capitals. The first thirty capitals, Alabama to New Jersey, you can find under my May, June and July posts. Again, please take a moment to read the April post regarding how our memory tends to cling to the absurd and make sure you are reviewing the crazy images for the first thirty capitals.

OK, let’s memorize the next five capital cities for New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota and Ohio.

The capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe. For New Mexico I see a Sombrero Hat, it originated in Mexico but good enough to remind me of New Mexico. Santa Fe I change to Santa’s Face, so I see Santa covering his face with a huge Sombrero.

New York’s capital is Albany. I use the Statue of Liberty to remind me of New York and I change Albany to Album Knee. I see the Statue of Liberty smashing my favourite Beatles album across her knee, or see her doing the same with a photo album.

North Carolina’s capital is Raleigh. I see Carol singers, which also represents snow and North. I use a Raleigh bike to represent the capital. So I picture a group of Carol Singers standing on my porch singing away while holding up or riding Raleigh bicycles. You could throw Sir Walter Raleigh in the group too to make sure!

North Dakota’s capital is Bismarck. I see a giant Dakota Fanning, the actress, sitting astride the Bismarck, the German Battleship. I also imagine that it’s snowing, just to help differentiate between North and South Dakota. If that doesn’t work for you, how about a Decoder, in Snow, and a bus driving over it leaving its mark, Bus Mark.

And finally the capital of Ohio is Columbus. For some reason I think of Cheerios when I say Ohio, so I see Christopher Columbus standing in the crow’s nest of the Santa Maria eating Cheerios…nice one!

So to review:

Santa covering his face with a Sombrero
New Mexico/Santa Fe

The Statue of Liberty smashing an album across her knee
New York/Albany

Carol Singers riding bikes
North Carolina/Raleigh

Dakota Fanning sitting astride the Bismarck in the snow
North Dakota/Bismarck

Christopher Columbus eating Cheerios

Here is my standard wrap up.
Again, make sure you review these images within 60-75 minutes from now, it takes less than 60 seconds but is critical for long term storage, then again within 24 hr’s, then 1 week later and then 1 month later.

I will continue to post state capitals and their crazy images in groups of five. We are already more than half way through. Before we know it you will have all 50 memorized and a great handle on how to visualize the ridiculous and absurd. This is essential for us to apply memory systems to more practical business applications like recalling Names and Faces, speeches and presentations, model numbers, prices, to-do lists etc.

Please share if you found this informative, thanks.


Bob Gray CSP HoF

Keynote Speaker

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