Colorado to Georgia continuing to Memorize the US State Capitals

Here is the second post on memorizing the US state capitals. The first five capitals, Alabama to California, you can find under my May 5th post. Again, please take a moment to read the April post regarding how our memory tends to cling to the absurd.

OK, let’s memorize the next five capital cities, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Georgia.

Colorado’s capital is Denver. What do you see for Colorado? I immediately see an image of the Rocky Mountains. What do you see for Denver, I see John Denver, so my image is of a giant John Denver sitting astride a Rocky Mountain while strumming his guitar.

Colorado sounds like Collar, maybe see a dog Collar. You could see John Denver with a dog collar around his neck like he’s a punk rocker, couldn’t get much more absurd than that! If you are not familiar with John Denver then break the word into Tin Fur, sounds close enough to Denver, as long as it conjures up an image it will work.

An empty tin of beans, say full of fur, sitting atop a rocky mountain or hanging from a dog collar. Pick one and stick with it or better still come up with your own, just remember to make it as ridiculous as possible.

Connecticut’s capital is Hartford. I see a giant ice cream Cone (for Connecticut) being run over by a Ford truck, driven by a huge heart. See that image, a Ford truck driven by a huge pumping heart, yes with arms and legs, smashing into a gigantic ice cream cone. See the Ford covered in Strawberry ice cream after the accident.

Delaware’s capital is Dover. Delaware reminds me of Tupperware, and being a Brit I see the White Cliffs of Dover. So I imagine a huge piece of Tupperware nailed to the White Cliffs of Dover. Or you could imagine opening some Tupperware and a huge Dover Sole flies out and hits you in the face.

Florida’s capital is Tallahassee. I always see Oranges for Florida. Tallahassee I break into Tall Horse. Because we are already familiar with the name Tallahassee an image of a tall horse will work just fine. If you need to you can imagine a large letter ‘C’ painted on the side of the horse, Tall Horse C. So I see a tall horse, almost Giraffe like, rearing up on its hind legs picking oranges from a tree, both with its mouth and its front legs. Knowing that Florida is the Sunshine State you could use the Sun and a Tall Horse.

Georgia’s capital is Atlanta. You could use Peaches for Georgia or anyone you know named George. For the capital I see a set of Antlers. So I have a nephew named George and I see a set of antlers growing from his head. If he reads this I’m sure to hear from him. Or see Peaches being impaled on a deer’s antlers.

So to review:

John Denver sitting astride the Rocky Mountains or a Tin of Fur hanging from a dog collar’

A gigantic Ice Cream Cone being knocked down by a Ford driven by a Heart

Gigantic piece of Tupperware nailed to the White Cliffs of Dover, or a piece of Dover Sole jumping out of some Tupperware

The Tall Horse with the ‘C’ painted across its side picking Oranges from a tree.
Florida/Tallahassee, and finally:

Someone named George with Antlers, or Peaches impaled on a deer’s Antlers.

Again, make sure you review these images within 60-75 minutes from now, it takes less than 60 seconds but is critical for long term storage, then again within 24 hr’s, then 1 week later and then 1 month later.

I will continue to post state capitals and their crazy images in groups of five. Before we know it you will have all 50 memorized and a great handle on how to visualize the ridiculous and absurd. This is essential for us to apply memory systems to more practical business applications like recalling Names and Faces, speeches and presentations, model numbers, prices, to-do lists etc.

Bob Gray is an award winning international keynote and memory workshop presenter. A Guinness World Record Holder, Certified Speaking Professional and Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame inductee.

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