Do you know the best way to improve your Memory?

Lend someone some money?

Being in the, ‘how to improve your memory’, business all these years, I’ve heard that joke many, many times.  Funny as it is, there’s a great deal of truth behind it.  Not that you will actually improve your memory by lending someone some money, but analyzing why you remember, and applying these reasons to everyday memory problems, will improve your memory.

It’s simple really, it comes down to focus and what’s important to you. You see, when you lend someone some money, let’s say $100, it’s not done without thought and focus, you don’t casually whip out five $20 bills and hand them over without any thought or conversation. No, there is a discussion, probably about why he/she needs the loan, when it will be paid back and so on, and you naturally have a laser sharp focus on those details, especially the ‘when will it be paid back’ bit, because it’s important to you.  Money is important to most of us, so we log that information into our memory; we maybe even write it down later or log it into our phone. The bottom line is, we help our memory to work more effectively because of this focus.

Ask yourself, how focused am I when I’m introduced to someone?  Do I afford them the same laser focus on their details? Will I remember their name tomorrow? How about the name of their spouse who I was just introduced to? Do I write their names down? Again, bottom line, do you place the same importance on details about your clients or customers as you do the $100?  Probably not, but when you do, that’s when you will start to tap into the astonishing power of your memory, you just need to give it a helping hand, make remembering names important to you…basically, lend your brain some money, and you will be amazed at what it can do.

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